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Oct 11

Anonymous said: Ass kissing???

What about it???

Oct 4

Anonymous said: I read on here a long ways back of a man who never penetrated his wife, only ate her out. It's probably selfish of me, but that is my most ideal situation lol (actually, more like a recurring fantasy/fixation of mine.) Though I know I'll never have such luck!

You never know – you might! I’ve known people who liked giving oral better than they liked any other sexual activity. Maybe try FetLife?

Oct 2

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Oct 1

Anonymous said: Is it possible to cut the tonge frenulum to have a better tool of pleasure? Because I've seen women (and men to) with very long and powerfull tonge because they don't have a short frenulum.

Yes, it is possible. However, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR; DO NOT TRY TO DO IT YOURSELF. My understanding is that it’s very common for tongue-tied folks to have the tie surgically fixed. Ask your doctor about it, and have an excuse ready if you’re too shy to say you want the surgery for oral sex reasons :P

Sep 30

Anonymous said: Whenever my boyfriend eats me out, he says I don't taste like anything. Is this normal????

"Normal" is a useless concept when it comes to sexuality. Put it out of your mind.

Vaginal smells and tastes vary enormously from person to person. You don’t need to worry about how you taste unless your taste suddenly changes drastically, which could be a sign of a vaginal infection.

Sep 12

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Sep 1

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Aug 31

Anonymous said: You'd be surprised how many men don't know a damn thing about a woman's pussy. You are SO NOT one of them! Congrats! This article got me off, and now I'm hunting down my man. P.S. You would make a fabulous writer. The world needs more soft-core porn to fall asleep to. Thanks again. ♪♀♫♥

Thanks, but:

1. I’m not a man

2. I probably didn’t write whichever article you’re referring to

3. I actually am a writer! Though not an erotica writer.

Aug 29

Anonymous said: I'm amazed....wish I had found this years ago - are you definately a guy? and where in the world are you?.

Nope, I’m a woman. I’m in Canada.

Aug 13

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