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Nov 10

Cunninglus & Fellatio


To be honest, its fucking wonderful….i love it, i will never turn it down!! Every single part of it is enjoyable. Girls love it just as much as guys do. Not every guy or girl is into oral sex and if your boyfriend, girlfriend,  “friend”, sex toy, tender, or what every they might be to you wants to try it, just do it! The worst that can happen is you not liking it. Some people prefer it over sex because its a whole different feeling and a different climax.

Now girls, if you choose to give your guy head get really into it. That way he knows its something you really want to do and are comfortable doing. Nothing satisfies me more than knowing i’m satisfying my guy. The way his eyes roll back, the way he grabs me, looks and me, its just all a turn on. Don’t be scared to make it a little sloppy licking all over him and use your hands(HANDS, HANDS, HANDS!!!) caress his inner thighs, penis, balls and pay attention to his reactions (verbal and facial) as you touch certain spots. These are all the signs to his satisfaction. And as you know the tip of his penis is the most sensitive so use the top of your tongue and under it.  EYE CONTACT! It can seem weird sometimes staring up at the guy while your blowing him off but guys are visual so it turns them on and is sexy for them. So try to constantly look at them.  Include the balls..play with the fun bag twins, they need some lovin’ too. Just suck on one and if your feelin up for it, hey try two! move them around in your mouth and see what you can do with them ;) DUN DUN DUUUUN : to swallow or not to swallow, i believe its totally up to you..there’s nothing wrong with you if u don’t want to swallow his mini’s. Just let him know its nothing personal.

Now for the fellas, you must be aware of our sensitive areas. The clit, all that needs is some light touching to feel good. Continuous rubbing and licking can cause us to go raw (example: get the tip of your tongue and lick the roof of your mouth, we feel that only 24579 times more..so try different things) If we move around don’t always see it as a sign of go hard or deeper, we might be guiding you to where it feels good and where to focus more. Make your tongue flat and lick it like a cone(: Use your fingers and get that G-Spot, ohh yummm! Its that thing that feels rougher than the rest of our insides. Using one or two fingers, palm facing up, move your fingers as someone guiding a car to back up. Keep a steady pace and do your best not to stop. Girls make sure you communicate with your guy and let him know what you like, use your hands too and help him out a little. Thee explosion from oral sex is amazing.

I am a big fan of oral and i dont think its disgusting, the human body is beautiful. i feel like it connects couples in a different way then sex. Play fair;) have fun and get wet.

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